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Designed to faciltate business to business transactions TCL::TradeOrder module puts your order book on the web. It displays information from InfoServices' Inventory Management System and collects orders.

Stock details are displayed, customers login, select products and "send" their order back to Infoservices' Sales Orders and Invoicing System. Orders are then passed through your usual order processing, dsipatch and debotr's processes.

TCL::TradeOrder's an ideal solution for wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors who trade with a dispersed customer base. It eases communication and order gathering, minimising paperwork and order recording tasks.

And TCL::TradeOrder takes care of getting your stock records onto your website, it automatically ensures prices and stock levels displayed on your website match your local records. Orders placed via your web site are loaded into InfoServices' Inventory Management System, ready for you to process.

Simple, no nonsence order gathering and processing!

With TCL::WebGen getting your stock list up on the web is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...
You decide on a look and feel - choose the colours, text and graphics that best suit your business.
You tell us what information you want to display about your stock.
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