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Our TCL::TradeList module extends the functionality of the TCL::Catalogue module. It pulls data from the inventory system and intelligently displays product and stock information:

  • pack
  • price
  • SKUs
  • stock holding, etc

It's intended to facilitate visitor’s printing order forms and assessing stock holding volumes and other detailed information that you nominate.

You may nominate

  • a "public" product listing, where all visitors to the site may view listings and prices or
  • a "private" product listing, where visitors must login prior to viewing price or other "confidentail" information. This can comprise either
    • a generic login (one username and password for all visitors), or
    • a discrete login, where each of your clients has a individual username and password. The latter enables pricing to be varied according to the client

All this is driven by the Inventory Management System and once you've set it up in your local database, your website's maintained with a "mouse click". Simple, no fuss web data management!

With TCL::WebGen getting your stock list up on the web is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...
You decide on a look and feel - choose the colours, text and graphics that best suit your business.
You tell us what information you want to display about your plants.
... more

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