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Nursery Costing Model Workshops - Winter 2009    

Our entry level product comprises InfoServices' Inventory Management System and a simple, no nonsence, show and tell information website. The website tells visitors and your customers what you do, how to contact you and lists products and product catagories. InfoServices' Inventory Management System (IMS) Installed locally, your IMS allows you to ...

  • Maintain information about your stock range.
  • Record changes in stock lvels, movements and locations.
  • Readily produce stock lists, catalogues and order forms.

Catalogue website

The TCL::WebGenerator takes data from the IMS and loads it to your website. The standard catalogue website comprises three fully customisable pages:

  • Home page
  • About Page
  • Contacts page
Plus a series of database driven pages that display selected product data from your inventory system. Products may be grouped by catagory, form or function. The list has a drill down function where specific details of any one product can be explored further.
With TCL::WebGen getting your stock list up on the web is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...
You decide on a look and feel - choose the colours, text and graphics that best suit your business.
You tell us what information you want to display about your stock.
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